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Co-Owner & Sports Family Bar Visionary

Jeff Pucci:

Jeff Pucci, the passionate owner of Pooch’s Pour House, has carried the dream of owning an upscale sports family bar since he was 18 years old. Born and raised in Downtown Westerly, RI, Jeff’s deep connection to the area fuels his desire to create an exceptional dining experience for the community. During his time living in San Diego, CA, Jeff had the opportunity to watch his close friends successfully open several restaurants. Inspired by their achievements, he realized the potential to bring something remarkable to his own hometown. When the opportunity arose to acquire the location, Jeff and Maria recognized it as the perfect timing and the missing piece that Downtown Westerly needed. With hard work and determination, they embarked on the journey of turning their shared vision into a reality. With Pooch’s Pour House, Jeff aims to merge his love for sports and his passion for creating an elevated culinary experience. Through meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Jeff endeavors to provide the community with a family-friendly, vibrant, upscale sports bar unlike any other.

Co-Owner & Dynamic Force Behind Culinary Excellence

Maria Pucci

Maria Pucci is the driving force that brings vibrancy and warmth to Pooch’s Pour House. As Jeff Pucci’s beloved wife and a longtime friend of Chef Rafael, Maria infuses the restaurant with her unique personality and unwavering support. With a shared dream and impeccable timing, Maria fearlessly embraced Jeff’s vision of owning an upscale sports family bar restaurant. Maria effortlessly balances owning her own salon while infusing the restaurant with her creative touch. Her boundless energy and innovative ideas add a touch of magic to every aspect of the restaurant. Her genuine love for hospitality ensures that every visit to Pooch’s Pour House is an experience filled with genuine warmth and attentive service.

Co-Owner & Operational Mastermind

Mike Joyce:

Mike Joyce, the brother-in-law of Maria and Jeff Pucci, plays a pivotal role in the success of Pooch’s Pour House. As the loving husband of Daniela Joyce, Mike brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned restaurant owner, having successfully owned his own establishment for over two decades. With his extensive expertise in the industry, Mike takes charge of overseeing the daily operations at Pooch’s Pour House. His keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills ensure that every aspect of the restaurant runs smoothly, delivering an exceptional dining experience. Originally from Waterford, CT, Mike has made Westerly, RI his home for over a decade. Embrace the ambiance, savor the flavors, and experience the seamless operation of Pooch’s Pour House, all thanks to Mike’s expertise and dedication.

Co-Owner & Hospitality Expert

Daniela Joyce

Daniela Joyce, a true Westerly native, is not only the loving sister of Maria Pucci, but also her biggest supporter. Born and raised in the heart of Westerly, RI, Daniela’s support and infectious enthusiasm have played an instrumental role in the success of Pooch’s Pour House. Married for 15 years and blessed with two wonderful children, Michael, aged 12, and Ava, aged 11, Daniela embodies the essence of family and dedication. Her commitment to her loved ones is at the core of her being, driving her to support her sister’s endeavors wholeheartedly. While working full-time as a Dental Hygienist for the past 20 years, Daniela has always had a deep passion for the service industry. With over two decades of experience, she is thrilled to be back in the industry she loves, contributing her expertise and friendly demeanor to the success of Pooch’s Pour House. Her dedication to providing exceptional service stems from the strong work ethic instilled in her by her parents, who raised Daniela, Maria, and Rosanna with a profound sense of responsibility and determination. Notably, Rosanna, Daniela’s older sister, is the proud owner of Rosanna’s Flowers, further highlighting the family’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to serving the community. Experience the genuine hospitality of Daniela Joyce at Pooch’s Pour House, where family values and exceptional service converge.


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